Events - Opening of recreation areas

Opening of recreation area in Targowa Górka

On Tuesday 16 June there was solemn opening of recreation area in Targowa Górka which was built in the confines of "Nekla - ready, steady, go!" project. Despite the rain the official part started outside.
After singing the national anthem and welcome held by our school headmistress special guests - the Mayor of municipality of Nekla Roman Grychowski and Member of Parliament Tadeusz Tomaszewski took the floor. Next our friends from Norway. Invited guests, sports leaders and students from our school let balloons in Olympic colours in the air and cut the symbolic ribbon so everybody could enter the new sports fields. After the consecration and prayer done by rector priest Sławomir Stonka chosen guests, leaders and students threw one personal shot to the basket. Finally the Mayor announced that the recreation area is officially opened. Next part of the event, due to the bad weather, was held in a gym where School Olympic Games were opened. The ceremony consisted of relay with Olympic fire, oath taken by sportsmen from our school, setting free white pigeons and lighting Olympic torch. The Olympic games were held two days. First the participants took part in individual competitions and on second day they competed in team games. And here are the ones who won medals in various competitions:

I-III classes of primary school
Girls                                                      Boys

  1. Katarzyna Lewoczko                                            1.   Tomasz Apanasik
  2. Joanna Mieloch                                                     2.  Radosław Jaszczak
  3. Marlena Nowak                                                   3.   Rafał Mrozek

       scooter slalom

  1. Małgorzata Trzeciak                                             1.   Maksymilian Zacholski
  2. Wiktoria Waligóra                                    2.   Łukasz Nawrocki
  3. Anna Lewoczko                                                   3.   Rafał Mrozek

       race  4x10m
1.   Weronika Matysiak                                              1.   Rafał Mrozek
2.   Katarzyna Lewoczko                                            2.   Radosław Jaszczak
3.   Faustyna Przybylska                                             3.   Patryk Łopatka

             IV-VI classes of primary school
girls                                                          boys

  Shots to goal
1.   Natalia Kempiak                                                  1.   Bartłomiej Kurczewski
2.   Marta Myszkiewicz                                              2.   Mikołaj Kaliński
3.   Ola Komisarek                                                     3.   Miłosz Nawrocki

Long jump
1.   Julia Nikodem                                                      1.   Miłosz Nawrocki
2.   Ewa Myszker                                                       2.   Jan Przybylski
3.   Marta Myszkiewicz                                              3.   Mieczysław Targosz

                                                Shots to basket

  1. Anna Wawrzyniak                                    1.   Szymon Andrzejewski
  2. Aneta Pankros                                                      2.   Bartek Boroniec
  3. Natalia Zielińska                                                   3.   Miłosz Nawrocki

   Junior high school
girls                                                     boys

Shots to goal

  1. Krystyna Graczyk                                     1.   Damian Nikodem
  2. Karolina Myszkiewicz                                           2.   Adam Grzegorzewicz
  3. Anna Kinel                                                           3.   Michał Stankowski ,  Dawid Boroniec

         Long jump

  1. Monika Parus                                                       1.   Józef Targosz
  2. Magdalena Szałek                                     2.   Damian Nikodem
  3. Karolina Myszkiewicz                                           3.   Michał Stankowski

Shots to basket

  1. Magdalena Zastawa                                              1.   Dawid Matysiak
  2. Milena Wawrzyniak                                              2.   Krzysztof Wleczyk
  3. Klaudia Sołtysiak                                                  3.   Dawid Boguła

In the end of first day of competitions there were also matches of volleyball and football among the sports leaders and junior high school students. In the first one the leaders were better but in the second students won.

Dariusz Nikodem

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