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Trainers team meeting

The coordinator of the project "Nekla - ready, steady, go!", which promotes physical activities among young people in Nekla, Elżbieta Paluczek met with the trainers team in conference room on 27 October 2008. All participants were informed about the schedule of project realization. Together they established the range of activities and roles of every member of the team. They also arranged way of communication among the team. The first challenge is organization of training winter camp for team of young sports leaders within the confines of Mini University of Healthy Lifestyle. There are 30 places for willing to work 16-25 year-old candidates from municipality of Nekla and 4 peers from Norway. The camp will be organized in Złoty Stok from 21.02. to 28.02. with help of three instructors Małgorzata Strzyżewska, Piotr Michalak and Olga Babraj. All willing to take part in free training camp should fill in the application form, which can be found in mark Leaders Enrolment and give it to chosen instructor.


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