Events - Bulding of five playgrounds started

Bulding of five playgrounds started

17 April 2009 an agreement to build five playgrounds with free access was signed.
As a result of a public tender which was to build five playgrounds in Nekla D±browskiego Street and Chopin Street, Podstolice, Targowa Górka nad Zasutowo within the confines of project PL 0352 "Implementation of physical activity development program for children in Nekla municipality - Nekla ready, steady, go!". An offer made by company KASZUB Dariusz Kaszuba, ul. Kolejowa 4, 83-307 Kiełpino was chosen. The cost of investment of part 1 - in Zasutowo and Nekla D±browskiego Street is 541 479,15 zl gross and part 2 - Targowa Górka, Podstolice and Nekla Chopin Street is 1 302 971,39 zł gross.

20 April 2009 the company started work and the end of it is planned on 3 June 2009.

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