Events - Opening of recreation areas

Opening of recreation areas in municipality of Nekla

After long years of waiting, we opened new sports fields - recreation areas built thanks to 85% financial support from European Union that is from Norwegian Financial Mechanism. It is the first such huge success in the history of our municipality because till now nobody could manage to receive non-returnable financial support in the amount of 1.700.000 zł.
Municipality of Nekla is one of three in Poland which got such financial support. All happened thanks to forethought of our workers and the previous City Council, thanks to our hard work during the last months and thanks to the favour of our Norwegian friends, with whom we signed up the agreement and who were with us in this solemn moment. Mr Sven Maamonen was the leader of the Norwegian delegation.

Movement, physical activities and sport are very important elements of our lives. Firstly, it is the need to let off the excess of children's energy.
With time our interests get more precise. We choose one or several sports disciplines which are most interesting for us. We observe the commitment of teams and individual sportsmen connected with those disciplines. We participate the matches, contests, we watch them on television. Very often we start to practice ourselves. Sport arouses great emotions. The victory or loss is the pretext of many discussions among friends. We are proud of victories of Polish sportsmen, we identify with them and take their winning or loosing personnaly very often.
We are glad that together we could celebrate the opening of our recreation areas for children built within the confines of the project "Nekla - ready, steady, go!"
The realization of the construction has been done efficiently. Here I would like to thank the contractor of the building - "Kaszub" company which is run by Mr Dariusz Kaszuba.
I would also like to thank workers of the  City Council and all schools for their commitment in realization of the project. I would like to remind you that the previous mayor Mr Marian Balicki participated in the beginning of the project. During that time in 2007 we met our partners from Norway for the first time. I would also like to thank the then headmistress of the schools in Nekla - Mrs. Elżbieta Paluczek, who is still engaged in realization of the project, and Mrs Elżbieta KaĽmierczak the previous headmistress of the school in Targowa Górka.
Finally I would like to thank all who contributed to creating of all those beautiful places. I am convinced that new built areas will function and fulfill all expectations. They will help us to lead healthy lifestyle and improve our physical condition. I believe that those fields will  always be full of life and that they will be the places where new sports talents appear and make our municipality famous.

Roman Grychowski
Mayor of Nekla Municipality

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