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Nekla - ready, steady, go! - activating programme for children and youth

Since September there have been systematic trainings on sports fields in Zasutowo, Targowa Górka and Nekla. Detailed schedule is posted on the boards in those places. Children and young people form the whole community of Nekla participate in different kinds of activities.
In Zasutowo the activities are held by Lidia ¦wierczyńska and Maciej Sobieraj - together 15 hours a week (there are games and movement activities, team games like football, volleyball, basketball).
In Targowa Górka : Agnieszka Kmieciak and Joanna Kozielska - together 15 hours a week (unihockey, games for children, team games like football, volleyball, basketball)
In Nekla Małgorzata Strzyżewska, Magdalena Najtkowska, Mateusz Jackowski, Robert Andrzejczak, Iza Bandosz and Maciej Jaskólski - together 30 hours a week (tennis, fitness, team sports like football, volleyball, basketball and games for children).

There are always many willing to do sports - keep the good work!

The appeal to Parents

Encourage your children to take part in sports activities. Sport is important because it is not only the physical health but psychological too.

Sports info

  1. School Leagues Finals

10.10.09. (Saturday) 1000 sports fields in Nekla - football and volleyball
24.10.09. sports field in Targowa Górka 1000 - unihoc, basketball
The winners get cups, medals and diplomas

  1. Football league finished - it lasted from 16.08.09 through 7 Sundays on the sports field in Nekla. There were 6 teams (one was withdrawn).
  2. Volleyball league is still on (there are 6 teams). The matches are held on sports field in Nekla on Sunday 100 (in case of bad weather we meet in the sports hall).


Special thanks to sports leaders of the programme:
Karolina Bukowska
Agata Bukowska
Sebastian Kacała
Tomek Kubiaczyk
Ola Matuszak
For great engagement and conscientiousness in organising and leading the leagues.

Info to the leaders

I would like to inform you that:
The second training camp for the leaders will be organised 16 - 23. 01.10. in Złoty Stok.
The second part of instructor training - October/November in Nekla
The sports hall for leaders Sunday 1100 (the aim: the integration and physical fitness improvement)

Wanda Balcerzak

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