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Nekla started in Zloty Stok

Between 21 and 28 February we were on a winter camp in Złoty Stok which was organised within the confines of "Nekla - ready, steady, go!" programme. Apart from 32 Polish young people there were also Norwegians - three girls, a boy and their guardian. We picked them up from Wrocław airport and together went to Złoty Stok. We came to the place late at night.
First day we got together very well thanks to integration games in Gold Mine. On first activities we were divided into several group and our task was to create a plan how to organize sport activities from many disciplines of sport like basketball, volleyball, ringo, unihoc, football, games for children, table tennis and LA.
Everyone impatiently waited for the first trip to the slope to try skiing and snowboarding. On the way to Czarna Góra we met some "surprises" connected with difficult weather conditions but nobody was discouraged. The madness on the slope lasted three days but it was enough to get some experience and begin to like this sport.
During sports activities each group showed commitment and creativity. Everybody had a great time. We cooperated and exchanged ideas about the following steps of the programme.
The camp lasted only one week but we got some experience, improved our English and enlarged our motivation to further work with the project. All participants were involved in the work and came back home hoping to meet with the same people next year.

Agata Bukowska
Ola Matuszak
Krystian Wyderkiewicz
Michał Michalak
Dawid Górka
Patryk Wachowiak
Maciej Bartkowiak
Tomek Nowak
Filip Strzyżewski


"Nekla - ready, steady, go!" is a programme which aim is to develop physical activity among young people. We, as the candidates for sports leaders, had a chance to take part in a special winter training camp in Złoty Stok.
We spent our time very actively. We got to know how to organize sports activities, integrate and create sports leagues in our towns.
It was a real pleasure to meet Norwegians how showed us how they organize such activities in Norway. Geir, Marlene, Ingrid, Stine and Anders taught us a lot and made us laugh very often. Even though not everybody knew English well we could understand them, we taught them some Polish words and spent our free time on playing the guitar, talking and fooling around. We showed them Polish music and films and they showed us their culture.
The best moments were on the slope. Although the beginnings on skis and snowboard were rather difficult we all managed to master it and we all liked a lot.
Thanks to this camp in Złoty Stok we are not only richer in new experience connected with our work in "Nekla - ready, steady, go!" programme but also in making new friends and developing our physical activity.

Marta Owczarzak
Maciej Szczygieł
Sebastian Kacała
Michał Wiza
Krystian Nadzieja
Łukasz Fedorowicz
Anna Owczarzak
Tomek Migdalski


We came to Złoty Stok 21 February on a beautiful Saturday night. On our way there in Wrocław we picked up friends from Norway who came to help us in the project.
Sunday we started from some integration games in the place we stayed and after lunch we went to Gold Mine where we had a great time. We got there several task to do which were to get us all closer to each other. After the games we had a barbeque with lots of sausages.
Week started with a trip to slope in Czarna Góra. We had to go there by bus and as it is usually on the bus we had a great time. So in nice moods we reached our destination - place of our ski and snowboard struggles. Although the weather was not perfect and for many people it was first adventure with winter sports the day was really nice. After coming back from the slope we had sports activities in the gym. We were divided into groups and we worked on different disciplines.
Tuesday and Wednesday were similar to Monday.
Thursday we started with sports activities just after the breakfast. On this day the Norwegians made their show, they presented their culture in a very interesting way. We also showed them best parts of Polish comedies and Polish music.
On Friday we summed up the things we had done during the camp:


  • Food - great - every day we had something different
  • Activities - we had a nice time
  • Suruwa had PS2, Kosa overhead projector so their room was a multi media entertainment room
  • Activities on the slope - GREAT!!!

Łukasz Kosecki
Błażej Piasecki
Kuba Lipowczyk
Kasia Kiczka
Jagoda Strzyżewska
Weronika Banaszak
Marta Banasiak
Ewa Kowalska

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