Mini Uniwersity - Nekla started

Place: Złoty Stok
Time: 16 - 23.01.10.
Aim: training camp for sports leaders within the project "Nekla - ready, steady, go!"

For the second time there was a training winter camp for young sports leaders. The participants were student from junior high schools and high schools from Nekla, Zasutowo and Targowa Górka who would like to become sports leaders working for development of physical activity in our municipality in the future. Additionally we were accompanied by three students from Norway who work as volunteers in partner sports organisation Akershus Idrettskrets.
The main part of the camp was devoted to theoretical and practical training. Participants were acquainted with the rules of creating activity plans, selection of right exercises and games according to age and safety rules during the activities. Next working within chosen sports discipline (unihoc, ringo, badminton, football, volleyball, basketball, LA and games for children) the leaders held activities prepared by themselves under supervision of the instructors.
We had also chance to see how typical P.E. lesson looks like in Norway. We all took part in activities professionally prepared by our new friends from Norway. It was very interesting and inspiring experience full of new for us solutions, which leaders may use during their lessons.
To make young leaders be more motivated to work there special activities on the slope. The participants of the camp could learn to ski or snowboard. And those leaders who knew something about skis or snowboard could improve their skills with instructors.
We managed to find some time to visit and relax in a gold mine in Złoty Stok. There we were divided into four groups and we had to do several tasks. The competition among the teams changed typical sightseeing into a great fun. At the end we get wormer and eat sausages roasted by the fire.
The week passed very quickly. Many activities on the slope and in sports hall made as busy and nobody had time to get bored. Prepared and full of own ideas sports leaders may now start working and act in their places in favour of development of physical activity among children, youth and not only.

Wanda Balcerzak
Mateusz Jackowski
Olga Babraj

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