Basketball league

Basketball League
 class I-III of junior high school  in Zasutowo

13 October 2009 on the sports field at The Set of Schools in Zasutowo there was school tournament of basketball for students of I-III classes of junior high school. After the tournament the diplomas were given to the winners.
The games were held according to these rules.

  1. Team of 3 players + substitutes
  2. Game hold according to basketball rules
  3. Time of the match - 2 x 15 min
  4. Each team plays with the rest of the teams

The representatives of the individual classes took part in the games:

I team:

  1. Krystian Lonka
  2. Piotr Czajkowski
  3. Bałażyk Bartek

II team:

  1. Kamil Gewond
  2. Daniel Nadzieja
  3. Marcin Sendecki

III team:

  1. Daniel Paczyński
  2. Norbert Juszczak
  3. Łukasz Tobera

The results of the games:
I place:  Kamil Gewond, Daniel Nadzieja, Marcin Sendecki
II place: Krystian Lonka, Piotr Czajkowski, Bagażyk Bartek
III place: Daniel Paczyński, Norbert Juszczak, Łukasz Tobera,


P.E. teachers Maciej Sobieraj and Lidia ¦wierczyńska

0 1 2 3
4 5 6 7
8 9 10

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