Unihockey league

Unihoc League
Primary school in Nekla

In October 2009 Unihoc League finished. There were 6 girls teams from classes IVa, IVb, IVc and Va, Vb, VIa, and Vic.
The team were divided into two groups (A and B) in which they had hard-fought matches. As a result of those eliminations two team from each group went to the finals. From group A class VI a and IV band from group B class Vi c and V a.
The results of the finals:
I place - VI a
II place - IV b
III place - V a

Here I would like to thank all the girls who took part in the league for their great engagement in playing. I would also like to thank sports leaders of "Nekla- ready, steady, go!" project Agata Bukowska and Karolina Bukowska for helping me to organize this league.
Magdalena Najtkowska


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