Semi-camps - sports activities in Targowa Górka held in confines of "Nekla - ready, steady, go!" programme

From 28 June to 3 July 2010 in primary school in Targowa Górka in confines of "Nekla - ready, steady, go!" programme there were summer and sports semi-camps for pupils from I-III classes of primary school (boys and girls). Girls attended the activities from 8:30 to 11 and boys from 11:05 to 13:35. The programme of activities was appropriately varied and adjusted to local school youth. Pupils willingly attend to activities held by P.E. teacher Agnieszka Kmieciak and sports leaders Karolina Myszkiewicz, Maria Szczygieł, Krzysztof Wleczek, Adam Andrzejewski, Damian Nikodem and Magdalena Szałek.
There were activities like games, movement activities, row races, long jump, aim throwing, going through hula-hop, unihoc, British bulldog and more. The activities were really varied so children willingly followed teacher's and sports leaders' instructions, they showed a lot of engagement and cooperation. On Thursday 1 July 2010 a group of pupils went to Zasutowo where we had games with other schools in which we competed in following disciplines: row races and British bulldog. The aim of such semi-camps is mainly to create conditions in which children spend free time actively and in interesting way. At the end the best competitors got medals and the rest got diplomas and small gifts.

Agnieszka Kmieciak

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