Sports semi-camps in confines of municipal programme "Nekla - ready, steady, go!" in Targowa Górka 2010

From 5 to 17 July 2010 in confines of the municipal programme "Nekla - ready, steady, go!" on the sports fields in school in Targowa Górka there were sports semi-camps.
From 5 to10 July 2010 from 10 to 12:30 there were activities for boys from IV-VI classes of primary school. From 12 to 17 July 2010 from 8:30 to 11 activities for boys and girls from IV - VI classes of primary school and from 11:05 to 13:35 activities for boys and girls from junior high school.
The activities were held by P.E. teacher Joanna Kozielska and sports leaders Maria Szczygieł, Karolina Myszkiewicz, Adam Andrzejewski, Krzysztof Wleczyk, Damian Nikodem and Jakub Ożga.
The aim of the semi-camp was organizing save and attractive rest for children, popularization different forms of individual and team competitions, encouraging to active way of spending time in the open air through participation in sports and recreation activities. Semi-camp programme consisted of games, movement activities, individual competition, team sports games ( football, volleyball, basketball)  and unihoc. During the activities the students could show their speed, endurance, agility because there were many different individual disciplines.
On Thursday (8 July) students and their teacher Lidia Płończak came from Zasutowo to play a football match with us. Next day Friday (9 July) Mr Mateusz Jackowski came with his team from Nekla to play another football match. We had a great time despite boiling hot weather.
On Saturdays (10 and 17 July) there was summing up of the activities. People who scored the biggest number of points in individual disciplines got medals. Each participant got diploma and some sweets.

The organizer:
P.E. teacher
Joanna Kozielska

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