Nekla - ready, steady, go!  - sports semi-camps in Nekla

From 5.07.2010 to 10.07.2010 on the sports field near Co-operative Schools in Nekla there were sports semi-camps organized within the project "Nekla - ready, steady, go!". The activities were held every day from 9.00 to 2.00 p.m. and were organized for boys from primary school and junior high school.
From the first day, despite boiling hot weather, the sports fields were full of young sportsmen willing to take part in competitions. The activities were held by P.E. teacher Mateusz Jackowski who was supported by sports leaders Magdalena Go¶ciniak, Maciej Bartkowiak, Dawid Górka, Sebastian Kacała, Robert Wyderkiewicz and Daiwd Maciejewski.
The aim of the semi-camp was organizing safe and attractive rest for children and popularizing different forms of individual and team competitions, as well as encouraging to active rest during free time in the fresh air by taking part in sports and recreation activities. In the programme of the semi-camp there were games and movement activities, technique and tactics of team games (volleyball, football, basketball, hand ball and unihoc) and LA games.
During these couple of days the students could show themselves on different fields of competition and what is more they could improve all their skills learnt during P.E. lessons connected to various disciplines. Due to the biggest interest the leading discipline on the activities was football. Individual groups were held by newly trained instructors of that discipline: Maciej Bartkowiak and Dawid Górka. Following days of the semi-camp were passing quickly and the climax was Friday (9.07) when everybody went by bikes to Targowa Górka to play parlour football tournament with students from Targowa Górka.
To sum up I would like to emphasize impressive engagement and young people's will to participate in the activities. The same with leaders who did their best working actively and creating nice time for younger friends.

Mateusz Jackowski

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