Semi-camps - sports activities in Zasutowo held within the "Nekla - ready, steady, go" programme

From 23 August to 28 August 2010 there was third semi-camp organized near the Co-operative School in Zasutowo. The activities were held from 8.30 to 11.30 for students from I - V classes of primary school. The students willingly participated in activities held by P.E. teacher Lidia Płończak accompanied by sports leader Karolina Gewond. The activities consisted of games and movement games such as British bulldog, bricklayer and bricks, tag with tail, regular tag, night and day, baseball and from tactics and technique of team games like football, handball, volleyball, ringo, beach volleyball, unihoc. The student liked to play baseball, British bulldog and volleyball most.
On Thursday, 26 August, student from Nekla with Małgorzata Strzyżewska came to Zasutowo. Then we had rivalry in following disciplines: British bulldog and baseball. During the semi-camp the students participated in many different sports disciplines. Children who scored best sports results were given commemorative medals for places from I to III and small gifts.
The third sports semi-camp in I-III classes of primary school category was won by Paweł Łukaszewski - 86 points, the second place Patrycja Biernat - 83 points and third place Natalia ¦wierczyńska - 82 points. In kindergarten category first place Paweł Biernat - 78 - points, second place Martyna Olejniczak - 76 points and third place Emilian ¦wierczyński - 75 points. In IV - VI classes of primary school category first place Kamil ¦wierczyński - 83 points, second place Karolina Gewond - 77 points and third place Filip Kiczka - 57 poits.
The aim of the activities was mostly spending free time in the open air and improving physical condition. The activities were held within the municipal project "Nekla - ready, steady, go".

Lidia Płończak

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