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"Nekla - ready, steady, go!" project - leaders promotion

On 20 December 2009 in sports hall in Nekla there was a ceremony of leaders promotion within implementation of physical activity development program for children in Nekla municipality - "Nekla ready, steady, go!". The meeting was held during the last round of Nekla Volleyball League organised and held by some of those promoted leaders. The committee consisted of Wanda Balcerzak - the coordinator of the project and P.E. teachers Małgorzata Strzyżewska, Magdalena Najtkowska, Lidia Świerczyńska, Agnieszka Kmieciak, Joanna Kozielska, Piotr Michalak, Dariusz Nikoldem,  Mateusz Jackowski. Mrs Strzyżewska summing up the work the leaders have done so far emphasised their great commitment and numerous participation in activities after school and semi-camps organised within the project during summer time. Moreover, the promoted people actively participated in organisation of school and back yard leagues and helped to prepare many sports celebrations. All honoured took pert in inner and outer work shops which raised their qualifications (Mini University of Healthy Lifestyle - winter camp in Złoty Stok).
All in all there were 30 people promoted - 29 of them got "green T-shirt" and 1 person got "orange T-shirt".
The green T-shirt was given to: Banasiak Marta, Kowalska Ewa, Strzyżewska Jagoda, Bukowska Agata, Bukowska Karolina, Matuszewska Natalia, Matuszak Aleksandra, Owczarzak Marta, Owczarzak Anna, Matuszewska Julia, Chojnacka Katarzyna, Nikodem Natalia, Strzyżewski Filip, Wachowiak Patryk, Górka Dawid, Bartkowiak Maciej, Nowak Tomasz, Michalak Michał, Piasecki Błażej, Matuszak Kacper, Lipowczyk Jakub, Wyderkiewicz Krystian, Trzciński Marek, Nadzieja Krystian, Fedorowicz Łukasz, Migdalski Tomasz, Stawowy Maciej, Chojnacki Krzysztof, Gewond Krystian.
The orange T-shirt was given to Sebastian Kacała who as the president of the Leaders Club worked most closely with the teachers. What is more, Sebastian not only took part in all the above sports event but he organised I edition of Nekla Summer Football League during summer holidays.
Apart from football there was also Volleyball League (honours to Agata Bukowska and Błażej Piasecki) and Table Tennis League (honours to Marek Trzciński).
We would like to congratulate one more time our leaders and wish them more successes in organising sports events in our municipality!

Mateusz Jackowski