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Friday 22 May 2009 at 4 o'clock in room 54 in Nekla school there will be a training course for sports instructors.
During the first meeting there schedule will be planned. All interested in getting qualifications to organize activities for children and youth are welcomed. This course is free for all Nekla inhabitants who participate in "Nekla - ready, steady, go!" programme and are over 18. In Nekla school there will be only general part of the course which will be held by dr Krzysztof Pietrasik from University of Education and Therapy. The second, specialized part of the course devoted to chosen sports discipline participants will have to take individually.
All willing to take part in the course are asked to apply via internet or phone
(665 391 957 lub
El┐bieta Paluczek - programme coordinator


Leaders training

Within the confines of the project we would like to train young sports leaders who will help in realization our ambitious task which considers physical activity among children and young people from our community. Everybody who would like to take part in that should follow the instruction in Leaders Enrolment. Apart from participation in winter training camps there will be also a chance to take part in every month inner trainings and course for sports instructor. The main part of this training will be organized in weekend system in Nekla. As it comes to particular trainings concerning chosen discipline - they will be held in Pozna˝ or other sports training center. All trainings are free under condition of prefect attendance and full involvement of the candidate into project activities which will be evaluated by chosen instructor (during the enrolment process).